Combi Boiler

General Overview

Combi/ Hybrid Boilers are the combination from Water Tube Boilers which have furnaces on the bottom side of the boilers and fire tube with steam drum shape. Combi/ Hybrid Boilers goes through the combustion system in three phases. Passing those three steps phases, people could benefit the fuel efficiency from Combi/ Hybrid Boilers.

PT. Mitra Adyaniaga has handled with boiler fabrication and installation in Combi/ hybrid boiler for more than twenty years. With a lot of experiences in this field, PT. Mitra Adyaniaga always gives its customer the best quality of Hybrid/ Combi Boilers . In this case, PT. Mitra Adyaniaga commits to fulfill customer needs in five points below:

  • Designs and Engineering
  • Fabrications
  • Installation
  • Parts and Services
  • After Sales Service

PT Mitra Adyaniaga prefers Biomass Fuel since there are more advantages than the other fuels.

Biomass Fuel considered as the newest source of power for boilers. Even though the usage of wood has been very common to be use as a fuel source for traditional heating methods, biomass energy are much greater than the other fuels. There are six strong reasons why PT. Mitra Adyaniaga prefers to use biomass.

  1. Using Biomass as the primary fuel, PT Mitra Adyaniaga ‘s Hybrid Boilers will not produce Harmful Emissions
  2. Based on PT. Mitra Adyaniaga surveys,  the usage of Biomass is a very clean energy.
  3. PT. Mitra Adyaniaga believes that biomass is renewable and abundant
  4. The usage of Biomass could Reduce Dependency on Fossil Fuels and landfills, which harmful to the environment.

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Another Type of Fuel – Fluidized Bed Boilers

PT Mitra Adyaniaga also has Fluidized Bed Combustion. The reduction in NOx and SO2 emissions is the primary advantage of this technology. It is very possible to burn high-sulfur coals and attain low SO2 emissions without the addition of costly scrubbers for sulvur removal.

The fluidized Bed boiler from PT. Mitra Adyaniaga is designed to operate with a bed operating temperature range 1500 to 1600 degree Fahrenheit. Therefore, the low operating temperature brings advantages for its customers: it reduces emissions of SO2 and NOx and has fuel flexibility.

PT. Mitra Adyaniaga’s Fluidized Bed boilers are designed to handle the following types of fuels:

Coal Biomass
Bituminous Wood
Lignite Bark
Gob (Waste Coal) Sawdust


  • Radial Drilling Machine
  • Balancing Machine
  • NC Bending Machine
  • CNC Cutting Machine
  • Hydraulic Four Roller
  • NC Rolling Pipe

The objective of the boiler designing is to assemble the heat transfer surface and fuel burning equipment so that it can optimize the thermal efficiency and increase the investment returns. Other issue in giving a solid designing is the slagging and ash fouling characteristic of the fuel.

PT Mitra Adyaniaga has the advantage of its vast experience in designing, producing, assembling, and installing complete solid fuel boilers. In addition, the company is committed to the obligations and it guarantees a competent consultation during the complete life of the products.

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